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Attendance & Absences



Regular attendance is extremely important.

When requested, teachers will provide work for excused absences. However, experience and research indicate that attendance and student performance have a direct correlation. Students are responsible for making up the missed work within the given time frame or an “incomplete” may be assigned.

1)If a student is absent due to curricular or extracurricular reasons students are expected to see teachers in advance of the absence, complete the field trip form and make arrangements for missed tests/quizzes/assignments.

2)If a student is absent due to illness, injury, family crisis, funeral, medical or dental appointments parents are asked to contact the school by phone, note or email to alert the school. Students are to see teachers on the first day back to make arrangements for missed tests/quizzes/assignments.

3)If a student must be absent for other reasons, please contact the school at the earliest possible date in order for teachers to prepare work or an alternate assignment.

4)Students who wish to leave before the end of the school day must sign out at the office. Parents/guardians are asked to call the school in advance to give permission for students to leave early.  The school takes the information on the sign-in, sign-out process very seriously, as it is an official record of a student’s whereabouts.

5)Students whose progress is affected by chronic absenteeism may have to justify their continued presence at the school. Poor attendance and unexcused absences will result in a parent meeting and possibly an alternate school setting.


Students whose absences are not excused by their parents or guardians are considered to be “skipping” school.

1)Missed tests, quizzes, and marked in-class activities will result in an incomplete until they are made up as agreed to by the teacher and student.

2)On the first occurrence of skipping, the teacher will warn the student and notify parents of consequences.

3)Further occurrences of skipping may result in in a suspension or individual course reassignment.


Students are expected to arrive in class:

  • on time and prepared to participate positively.
  • with appropriate books and supplies.
  • with all prescribed homework and assignments completed.

Students who are late must sign in at the office:

Teachers will assign their own consequences for lates and notify parents if the situation is chronic.

Chronic tardiness will be referred to administration.

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